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The Om is a highly powerful and revered symbol for the Hindu community. It is associated with the sign of good luck and fortune. Members of the community use the symbol to mark an important event, right from exams, to offices, and of course homes. According to the science of Vastu, placing it at important locations like the entrance to your house, prayer room, etc is a point of attracting positive energy and fortune.

Benefits of the Om:

While the Om symbolizes positivity, good fortune, and happiness, its presence in your life has a bigger impact. The Om is used as a spiritual guide and energizes your home and environment through the science of Vastu Shastra. The importance of the Om is evident in its daily use, and energizing capacity that it bestows on a person and environment. Additionally, it can take many forms to your liking. One can wear it as a pendant, or place it at the door. In all forms, the energy and positivity of the Om radiate completely. The impact and energy of the Om is reason enough to definitely have it in your home and life. It transcends all possible barriers to provide a secure, positive and energized life.

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With the use of the science of Vastu Shastra, we ensure our clients get products that are not only energized but deliver to their expectations as well. We also provide the directions and placement of the Om with the delivery of the product itself when ordered from our website.

The Om Symbol is considered most auspicious. It is the most popular sign of good luck, and the most commonly used charm as well. According to the science of Vastu, placing it at the entrance of the house is a sign of good luck. It is used actively for multiple occasions, to commemorate the happiness.

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Dimensions (lxbxh) - 15 x 1 x 15 (cm)


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