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Emerald brings in intellectual progress. Natural intelligence and intellect are the domain of Planet Mercury and enhancing this planet's power bringing a better understanding of life, a balanced perspective and a better ability to grasp deeper subjects too.

The individual wearing an emerald can visibly see an increase in creativity, artistic talents, and linguistic skills

Wearing an emerald can give a huge edge in relation to communication skills. There is a remarkably better, clearer and lucid style of communication and the individual is able to express oneself with aplomb and confidence.

Even in medical astrology, there are elaborated several benefits of wearing an emerald gem. It is a gemstone that can help with speech difficulties, respiratory troubles, allergies, and nervous disorders.

It is a great therapeutic gemstone for individuals facing trouble with the ability to concentrate or focus. High entropy, restless people are able to bring in a relatively large amount of stability and focus by wearing an emerald.

Emerald is a stone that is capable of taking away emotional toxicity. Individuals who have a hard time coming to terms with difficult situations where they have been betrayed, cheated or defrauded, should try working with an emerald gemstone to heal the scars. It helps in shedding of illusory ideas.

Emerald is a great gemstone for individuals who stammer, or feel shy to interact with others or feel held back due to lack of confidence.

Individuals like psychics, healers, astrologers or practitioners of any divine arts and professionals from the IT field, nuclear field, and astronomy can find tremendous progress in their line of work by wearing an emerald.

It can make your communication better. You will gain the power of expression and gain a lucid style of communicating your ideas to others.
Wearing emeralds in combination with other stones will enhance outcomes on competitive exams, in trade, and in business. Emeralds also boost intellect, memory, analytical, and intellectual power.

Emeralds will benefit people who are writers, politicians, spiritual leaders, musicians, founders of educational institutions, public speakers, judges, government officers, architects, auditors, shippers, bankers, and financiers.

In business-related areas, commission agents, publishers, and professionals in the textile field can benefit from an emerald’s powers. These stones may help people who run travel agencies or other commission-related businesses that require no capital to start.

Emerald is very helpful to those who are in the field of medicine, especially those who specialize in the brain, eyes, ears, and general medicine, or those associated with CT scans, MRIs, and pediatrics.

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