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The Elephant Is A Symbol Of Wisdom And Strength. Elephants Have A Reputation In Both Indian And Chinese Culture For Attracting Wealth And Good Luck. The elephant has the Meanings Of Strength, Discretion, Vigor, And Harmony. Displaying This Figurine At Home Or Office Can Bring Good Luck And Health. The elephant is a symbol of mental strength.

At the beginning of spiritual development, the unrestrained mind is depicted as a gray elephant that destroys everything on its way. The mind brought under control is represented by an elephant that is capable of achieving any goal using its focused power. metal Trunk Up Elephant Statues Showpiece Metal Statue – Lucky Figurine Decorative elephant statue unique for decoration A beautiful decorative element for your home or temple.

Beautiful handicraft Elephants In Indian and Buddhist cultures, Elephant has been accepted as a symbol of huge strength, stature, Wisdom, and courage. In Indian mythology, Elephant is considered to be the vehicle of Lord Indra – the king of heaven and lord of rain.

Dimensions (cm) - 19 x 16 x 14

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