Combo for stress,anxiety,depression and evileye

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This combo contain

1. evileye bracelet 

2. Sulemani hakik bracelet 

3. evil eye pendant

  • For Zodiac :- All Zodiac , For All Chakras
  • To Remove Evil Eye For House, Office, Work Place Hang This Pendant To The Main Entrance Door.
  • To Remove Evil Eye For People Wear This Pendant Around Your Neck.
  • The evil eye, often known as a ‘nazar’ is an amulet believed to protect humans against the ‘evil eye.’
  • The Evil Eye bracelet protects you against negativity. Possessing The Evil Eye bracelet, it is believed that evil forces could be tricked by the evil eye then distract it to do no harm.

    People have been using the evil eye charm for a very long time, not to be harmed intentionally or unintentionally by the hostile glance. It is often a simple eye with shades of blue and is worn as a necklace, bracelet, or hung somewhere. It may be a house, a car, or almost anything. As long as the symbol is there, it is said that it will always serve as a means of protection from all forms of harm that the eye of a hostile glance can bring upon someone.

  • It is believed that only Sulemani Hakeek can increase confidence by wearing or keeping it around. It excludes negative energy, causing depression, confusion and irritable watering away.
  • Apart from this, Sulemani is also used as a protective gemstone. Keeping Sulemani Hakeek with you does protect you from evil eyes & spirits. That’s why mothers keep this stone around their newborns.
  • This stone filled with properties communicates positive energy in the body and naturally balances the person. It has been observed that keeping the stone in the bedroom sleeps well, and the habit of waking up at night gets reduced.
  • Wearing sulemani Hakeek, the person is more focused and dedicated to his goal. It is believed that by wearing it, there is a better performance in the workspace, the mind feels in work and the things of useless do not come to mind. 
  • Creates a balance between the heart and brain, which also improves judgment ability. Sulemani Hakik has also been considered to be very useful for maintaining good relationships. It maintains love in married life.


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