7 Chakra Layer Orgone Pyramid

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This lovely Chakra pyramid is layered with all the stones that directly correlate to all seven (7) of the chakras in the human body. Our Chakras are energy centers located in certain areas of the body that have specific functions in our daily lives.
Red Jasper is connected to your Root Chakra (family, fears, business, money).

It also helps keep you grounded. It’s nicknamed “the worry stone” because it helps stabilize the emotions so you don’t worry or overthink so much. It’s a great calming stone and helps a great deal with stress.

Orange Carnelian is connected to the sacral chakra where your sexual energy and creative force lives. This stone helps heal misused sexual energy while stimulating motivation, inspiration, and creativity. It’s also connected to the intestines and can help with stomach problems when placed on that area of the body.

Yellow Jasper is the stone of ACTION! This stone helps stop procrastination and puts your thoughts into action. It’s a great stone for traveling and manifesting desires. It’s also called the stone of Joy because it’s connected to the solar plexus, enhances mood, and helps strengthen your will power and achieve your goals.

Green Mica is known as “The Stone of Abundance”. This Orgone crystal pyramid vibrates at the same frequency of abundance/prosperity and is said to bring about good fortune. Green crystals are also connected to the heart chakra; the more the heart chakra opens up, the more positive opportunities and possibilities become available to us.

Turquoise or Sodalite resonates with the throat chakra and helps remove energetic blockages in that area so you can speak with more verbal fluency, truth, and transparency. It encourages open and honest communication and speaking one’s mind and heart. It's also known for increasing one’s optimism and self-confidence.

Lapis Lazuli is known as the stone of Royalty and Power. This is the same stone archeologist kept finding in all the Kings and Queens tombs in ancient Egypt and Chinese rulers, including Babylon sites. This stone helps one reclaim their power, or step into their power in order to take on a new mission or powerful leadership position. Lapis is connected to the third eye chakra and helps with vision, clarity, and enhances one’s clairvoyance (ability to see into the future).

Amethyst is one of the most well-rounded and multifaceted crystals of all. It’s connected to the crown chakra, which is our connection to Source energy, spiritual wisdom, insight/intuition, and enhances our psychic gifts. This stone is a very healing stone that helps with sadness, grief, addiction, sobriety, and geopathic stress. This is one of the best stones to keep by your bed because it protects against reoccurring nightmares and insomnia from an overactive mind


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