Thu, Mar 19, 20

Water Fountain: Wealth & Abundance Magnet

Shalini Gupta
  • Make sure the water’s flowing towards the house.
  • Placing in the East is best for health.
  • For excelling in career place the fountain in North.
  • The fountain must always be flowing & not still (except for times of maintenance)
  • Water should flow freely without obstacles.
  • Avoid fountains under the bedroom. Sleeping over water isn’t good.
  • The fountain shouldn’t block the entrance.
  • Don’t place a water fountain in the South of your home. South is fire.
  • Water flowing away from home symbolizes money & wealth leaving the house.
  • The water body should not be too large compared to the actual premises, or it can energetically dominate the site and weaken the occupants’   growth.
  • No fountains under staircases.

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