Wed, Mar 04, 20

Vastu Tips To Remove Stress

Shalini Gupta

In today’s competitive world, to fulfill our dreams and aspirations, we are all leading an extremely stressful life. All the stress, pressure and anxiety are basically the outcome of the Negative energy that flows around us.

A house is made according to the Vastu Shastra guidelines will minimize the negativity, and ensures the family that resides in it is always calm and at peace.

  • The northeast corner of every room and the house should be kept clean
  • For a stress-free living, make sure to keep the central space open, clean and uncluttered 
  • Never place mirrors in the bedroom, if there are mirrors which cannot be avoided then cover them at least at night
  • Never sleep with your head placed towards the north, it is best to sleep with the head placed in the south direction, east is good 
  • The placement of the bed should be such that it should not touch the wall and it must have a headrest
  • Bed boxes are not advisable as per Vastu, it is better to have the bed on four legs
  • Bed with box should not contain anything which emits negative energy as it directly affects the person sleeping on it
  • For positivity, place a fish Aquarium or a bowl of water should in the Northeast direction

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