Thu, Mar 05, 20

Salient Vastu Features Of Rashtrapati Bhawan (New Delhi)

Shalini Gupta

As we all know that Rashtrapati Bhawan is India’s most recognized and grand building. It is the official residence building of the Honorable President of India. It always has been a matter of pride for every Indian.

On analysis of its layout is available on the web and physical observation of the building from the outside. We have found that the following are reasons in the light of Vastushastra principles.

Fame - The south part of the building is somewhat higher and mostly red color has been used in most of the parts.

Influence - There is a big library in North East of the building which indicates that the residents will be scholars and will have a big influence and the gathering area is situated in South West of the building because of which visitors get influence by the grandeur instantly.

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