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How to Choose the Best Colors for Your Home

Shalini Gupta

A home is a place where a person spends a major part of one’s life. It is important to have an appropriate balance of colors in one’s home, to feel fresh and live a healthy life.

Colors for your home, as per the direction

  • East – Green, and Brown.
  • South-east – As this direction is associated with fire, orange, pink, red colors can be used to enhance the energy.
  • North – Green, pista green, blue and white.
  • North-west –white, light grey and cream are the best colors.
  • West – the best colors are blue or white.
  • South-west – Peach, mud color, biscuit color or light brown.
  • South – Red and yellow.
  • North East- white, Blue and green

Colour Combination for Bedroom According to Vastu - Rosy red or pink shades can be used in the bedroom as they symbolize deep love. Pink is an ideal color for newlyweds, and should especially be used by couples wishing to conceive.

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