Wed, Dec 18, 19

Feng Shui Tips for Prosperous Life

Shalini Gupta


  • Goldfish bring good luck in FengShui. Placing goldfish inside the home or office aquarium will activate good luck. 
  • Keep  your front door attractive and conspicuous. It should not be hidden. Front door can enhance your health & wealth if properly modified. The door should be free from any deformity. It must not make a creaking sound. 
  • Keep your house, office or work place free from clutter. This will enhance prosperity: Clutter or  junk anywhere can cause problems with respect to the area it is present in which can be wealth, career, health, knowledge etc.
  • Do not use  mirrors (especially big ones) in the bedroom. They can spoil relationships with your dear ones. 
  • Hang three auspicious coins with a red thread on the door handle inside the main door of your home or office. This will attract wealth.
  • Do not use cracked glass, chipped crockery and utensils.
  • Tie Three Bells together of the same size on the main door of your house, office or shop to bring in Prosperity.
  • Not only will plants help to detoxify your air and cut down on electromagnetic energy at home, healthy plants are the ultimate symbol of nature and abundance. Yes, you can grow a money tree or a jade plant if you want to be ultra-symbolic about creating abundance, but any leafy, lush plants will do!

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