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Characteristics and Remedies of Ketu

Shalini Gupta

Ketu is another planet in Indian astrology, which is very difficult to understand. it took me many years of study and analysis to recognize its effects and remedies.


It is a very brilliant feature of Indian astrology that the complicated concepts have been animated so that they can be understood easily and retained effortlessly. 

Likewise, as the animated story goes, Ketu is the body without the head of the demon who had cleverly drunk some drops of the elixir (Amrit). and astronomically, Ketu is a shadow planet i.e. it is an intersection point of the trajectory of the moon with that of earth.

The first important thing about Ketu is that it gives results, whether good or bad, while the person is undergoing its period. the period may the Maha Dasha, Antar Dasha or Pratyantar Dasha. and if Rahu is conjunct with any other planet in the horoscope then, the results of Ketu are also seen if the person is undergoing the period of that planet. 

So, there is no reason to worry if Ketu is not good in the horoscope and its period is not running. Ketu signifies forms of huge energy. and during its period the person feels that he is governed by some other energy, may be positive or negative. 

The person is either hyper-energetic or very low in energy. Ketu gives contradictions in personality, the person may be very intelligent but he feels like dumb and vice versa. or, the person may be healthy but feels like sick and vice versa.

Ketu is responsible for mindless and forceful things, e.g. accidents, road rash, suicide, termination, fleeing home, rape, etc.
If Ketu is positive in the horoscope then it makes the person very energetic, the rises by leaps and bounds in career, business, education, politics, social status, etc.


Here are some important remedies for Ketu. these remedies will empower the positive effects and will help to reduce the bad effects of Ketu. The remedies suggested by me have been taken from our ancient scriptures and holy books and no commercial angle is involved there. 

These remedies have been handpicked from numerous remedies. I have used these remedies and have found the same very effective for the purpose and are very easy to undertake.

Love animals. All of them, dogs, birds, cats, cow, buffalo and all speechless. be merciful and helpful to them. feed them, care for them, spend time with them, whatever you can do.

Worship God, go to temples, spiritual gatherings, religious places of your religion.
Keep your house well arranged and tidy. Ketu likes order. repair all broken stuff in your house or workplace or discard them, may it be a broken furniture item, equipment, chipped plaster of walls, etc.

Use the above remedies if you wish to get positive effects from Ketu and let me know the results.

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