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Wind chimes are not only beautiful to look at but their pleasant tingling sound has always been found to create a soothing effect on all close by. This is why Wind Chimes are a part of every household in modern times. Surely, there is hardly a home nowadays wherein this pleasant-sounding adornment does not grace the interiors of a well-laden home.

Regardless the Wind Chimes also holds unique powers to bring positive energy and suppress ill-luck of a household. One will be surprised to know that the Wind Chimes also bring several other benefits apart from beautifying your interiors. It is but natural that one uses the powers of the Wind Chimes to bring positivity into one’s life.

Benefits of the Wind Chimes

The Wind Chimes possess unique benefits such as:

It helps to attract prosperity to the household

They attract good luck in the lives of the children and assist them in bringing honor to the family

The different material produces different sounds creating a harmonizing and peaceful effect on

the inhabitants

It aids in bringing harmony between the husband and wife and thus creates marital bliss

It helps to open up career opportunities and thus promotes your growth.

Wind Chimes entice good energies to come into the household.

When placed in a shop it attracts customers into the shop with its pleasant sound and makes them like the place and be frequent visitors.

The significance of the metallic Wind Chimes

It is also known that different Wind Chimes made from different materials differ widely in the benefits that they bring. In Vastu, each material is associated with a direction. Placing the metal Wind Chimes in the correct direction will bring good luck into your life.

Metallic Wind Chimes also aid in growing good relations with the people around you.

Remember that like all other Vastu items, the benefits of the Wind Chimes are maximized by its placement. To aid you in getting the maximum benefits out of the metal Wind Chimes, we will be

sending you detailed directions along with the purchase. These directions will help you to utilize the Wind Chimes to maximize its benefits.

Dimensions (lxbxh) - 12 x 12 x 65 (cm)


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